$5 Zoom Classes

Register for our $5 Zoom Classes! Make sure you have a piano or keyboard by the start of class!


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Group Piano Classes

Sandpoint & Bonners Ferry

Beginning Piano 

The perfect starting point for beginners. Sign up your young one for this fun piano class!
$15 - 50 minutes

Intermediate Piano

For ages 10 and up with keyboard experience developing their fine motor skills and increasing their musical understanding and repertoire.
$15 - 50 minutes

Group Classes

Our group piano classes offer an exciting and encouraging atmosphere for students to learn and grow! We love teaching beginners in this setting because the excitement is contagious. It makes music theory much more fun, as we use games and challenges to facilitate student learning. Our teachers are licensed music educators in the State of Idaho and enjoy the thrill of teaching large groups! 

It's especially fun to start the classes off with a big jam session! We sometimes get students brave enough to solo on the first day! They're always amazed at how easy it is to make music together! We set specific, clear boundaries on which notes they can choose from to solo, then they take the reigns and rock on! What a great outlet to inspire and grow!

Zoom Lessons!

We are now offering one-on-one zoom lessons! Let us know when you'd like your lesson and we will try our best to match your schedule!

Zoom piano lessons are a great way to learn piano from the comfort of your home! If you have a piano at home or near you, let's get in touch! 

Our Zoom lessons are focused on building good technique through facilitating finger exercises such as scales, arpeggios, and chords. We provide some sheet music with appropriate fingerings to help you learn technique while honing your music theory skills. Exercises include: scales in contrary motion, parallel motion, oblique motion, ascending and descending, chromatic, harmonic minor, natural minor, melodic minor, major, ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian, and locrian. Once you have learned the building blocks of traditional western music, you can easily transfer your knowledge to any musical genre and play/perform with other musicians! 

We also focus on aural training, which helps your musicianship skills immensely. Training the ear is imperative to all musicians...whether you need to recognize patterns in music or want to compose and write music. We will help you meet your goals. If you're listening for major/minor, different intervals, or tone quality, we can help you refine your skills so you can achieve a high level of musicianship. 

Do you just want to learn one song??? We can help you find the quickest route to learning a piece of music on the piano!


Do you want to learn basic skills, increase your competence, or start training at a professional level? Our classes cater to all abilities and if you're having trouble choosing, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Or you can jump right in and book an introductory session today! 

Many children perform better in a group setting learning with others! 

Private Piano Lessons

Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry


Ages 4-8 learning the basics through curriculum such as Faber & Faber or similar. 
$25 - 30 minutes


Ages 9-13 for students developing skills such as sight-reading, technique, theory, and repertoire.
$25 - 30 minutes
$35 - 45 minutes
$50 - 60 minutes


13 and up for students enjoying the versatility of piano. These lessons can focus on specific goals or continued growth in classical or jazz performance. 
$35 - 45 minutes
$50 - 60 minutes